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Posted on Jan 28, 2015
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Juno…SnowmageddonThe Blizzard of 2015…Whatever you referred to it as, I will always remember it as a day and a half of simple, childhood innocence.  I was fortunate to witness the snow storm through my toddler son’s eyes.

I walked our dog Gracie yesterday afternoon with determination.  I was determined to head across the street to the beach, hoping to capture a wild and dramatic storm rolling in.
Instead, it was a beautiful sight of seagulls laying around watching the shore scene of waves building and deep grays, stark whites and hazy blues.

As  I approached the birds, they quickly began to fly off over Long Island Sound erratically, just as the Sound’s wave were beginning to do.
I headed home anticipating the morning, hoping to see what Mother Nature had in store for our little beach community!

Today I explored my neighborhood and was able to witness my 18 month old son’s first experience in snow.
It was magical.
Witnessing his innocence in discovering this powdery white stuff was wonderful.
He refused his gloves and immediately dove right it! He knew what he was about to do and apparently didn’t want to hinder his touch!
Squeezing the snow between his tiny fingers and tasting it with his tiny tongue.

It was a sweet moment that I was able to snap.