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I am beyond passionate about a few things in my life: fabulous food, a glass of superb red wine, delicious dark chocolate, and, of course, great art and extraordinary photography. And as a photographer, I consider it a privilege and an honor to be invited into people’s lives to capture and document their most precious moments.

Posted on May 14, 2016
Posted in Engagement

Blake had reached out to me last week via email and had asked me if I would capture his proposal to Chelsea in downtown Charleston SC.  Of course,  I jumped at the chance!  What girl wouldn’t love the idea of her boyfriend arranging a weekend away at a gorgeous B&B in a gorgeous historic city such as Charleston in the late spring… As Blake and I planned the surprise capture over the course of the week I was set and ready to go come Thursday.  I knew that they were staying at the Palmer Home on East Battery and Blake had sent me a photo of the two of them so I knew who to look out for… All was going according to plan.

I arrived super early to White Point Gardens just to scope out my hiding spot.   I was strategically hiding behind a large live oak tree and trying not to look to inconspicuous…I was to start snapping the proposal by the gazebo and then grab some engagement photos immediately after Blake proposed.   The whole while, Chelsea did not know what was going on…

I see the two of them arrive in the park… I duck behind a tree and wait.  I peek around the tree and I see Chelsea rushing towards me.  I think my cover has been blown! I begin aimless wandering around pretending I am a tourist.  I glance again, and she is closer! I begin to panic.  How did I give this away?  Did I ruin the surprise?  As the panic sets in that I ruined this man’s surprise proposal… I hear: “Um, excuse me!” I flip around and it’s Chelsea.  “Can you take our picture”?   I glance at Blake and he shrugs this look of please play along.  So I obliged.  Chelsea suggests we head over to the gazebo and I internally sigh a sense of relief.   My cover has not been blown!

I snap a few shots of the two of them on her iPhone and then Blake gives me a wink… it’s on.  Here we go!  The only problem is that I have a super long stalker lens on my camera!  I realize Chelsea’s purse was thrown over to the side of the walkway and I run over to grab it for her… all the while I am fumbling to switch out lenses.   Success. She did not see what I was up to!

All of a sudden, I turn around and Blake drops to his knee and I begin rapidly shooting.

secret proposal in White Point Garden Park

A surprise proposal in White Point Gardens, Charleston, SC













Surprise Proposal in Charleston SC















Engagement Photos



After the excitement dies down, all three of us begin laughing at the realization that Chelsea had asked the photographer that her fiance had hired to capture pictures of them!

The evening was full of that glorious southern light.  We walked in and around the immediate area capturing some quick shots to commemorate their engagement.  It was a success.  Blake pulled it off!  Congrats to the two high school sweethearts.  I wish you both the best!

Palmer Home, Charleston SC

Palmer Home, Charleston SC