Hello! I am Meghan Rowe. I am a lifestyle photographer that is based in Charleston, SC. I am available for travel worldwide.

I am beyond passionate about a few things in my life: fabulous food, a glass of superb red wine, delicious dark chocolate, and, of course, great art and extraordinary photography. And as a photographer, I consider it a privilege and an honor to be invited into people’s lives to capture and document their most precious moments.

Posted on Mar 01, 2015
Posted in Personal

My husband is a big proponent of uncluttered spaces. He always reminds me of that wonderful fact that most people adhere to…clean space, clean mind.  It wasn’t until I actually saw and realized that my desk has a sea-glass top that I began to spend the entire morning cleaning out crap from the past year and a half.  The desk had been buried underneath months and months of camera gear, papers and anything else that got strewn there over the past week in a hurry.  Then it had occurred to me…I have spent months cluttered in the mind and I had no idea.  My “to-do” list had become so overwhelming and daunting that I was almost paralyzed…I was always so “busy” but then realized I wasn’t accomplishing much in the way of tacking that damn “to-do” list.  I always seemed to shrug off my moments of “blah”   to winter blues, S.A.D and any other affliction that I could conjure up as an excuse before I realized that if I were to go forward in 2015 and be productive, the way I had been in prior years…I needed to file away the past year and a half, literally! And so it began. The end of the ever present procrastination of my organization. I realized I needed to put myself first. As soon as the organization was successful and the papers were filed and scanned, it was as if someone had vacuumed out my mind and made room for extreme productivity.

My lone walk at the beach solidified my moment of clarity. The beach that day was stark, open and vast, similar to that of my newly transformed clean mind for 2015.